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Rebecca Danton

  Janet Louise Roberts writing as Rebecca Danton

Regency Romance Writer

The Ruby Heart (004).jpg


She can’t abide him… so why is she falling in love with him?

 1812, England

Beautiful, spirited and outspoken, Lesley Dalrymple harbours a deep distrust of men. A wealthy heiress, she’s grown cynical of their motives and has sworn she will never marry.

With his drinking, gambling and womanizing, the arrogant Burke Penhallow stands for everything Lesley despises in a man....


Fire Opels

I cannot imagine," said Charlotte, "why you should want so unwilling a bride. With your money and your title, surely you can buy one that is willing?"'

His fingers closed more tightly on hers, crushing them before he released her hand abruptly "You shall learn the lesson of that one day, I think," Lord Arundell said smoothly.

It was the match her father dreamed of. And Charlotte dreaded. She had no illusions. Charlotte knew she'd never be allowed to marry for love. She wanted, at least, to be able to respect the man she'd wed.



Silver Jasmine

They called her Silver Jasmine

Slender as a reed, and as ready as a fawn to flee at a man's touch ...yet seventeen-year-old Tess had mettle too, though it could not prevent her cruel stepfather from gambling away her honor in a card game or Morgan Hamilton's forcing her into his marriage bed.

Morgan Hamilton... soldier, sailor, Scotsman, enigma. How Tess longed to love him...

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